Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started

All enrolment forms must be completed online by clicking the pink Enrol now! button on your school/centre’s landing page.
View the enrolment guide here.

If you are enrolling more than one child, you will need to complete a form for each child – this way we can make sure they have individual profiles set up.

P.S. There is no enrolment fee to join KidsCo OSHC!

Our team will then approve the request and you will be notified through the app.
Permanent/Recurring Bookings
Please email or call 1300 796 304 and our team can help you book weekly or fortnightly recurring bookings.

Before & After School Care

  • If your child requires any medication please supply our team with these at your first session.

Breakfast and afternoon tea are provided.


School Holiday Programs & Pupil Free Days

  • A hat
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Tshirt that covers shoulders
  • Packed lunch & morning tea (no nuts)
  • A bottle of water
  • If your child requires any medication please supply our team with these at your first session.

Breakfast and afternoon tea are provided.

After creating an account, you will use the Xplor account to sign your child into Before School Care and out of After School Care.

During School Holidays and Pupil Free Days, you will need to sign your child in at the beginning of the session and sign them out when they are picked up.


There are 2 ways to your child in and out

Option 1:
You can use the Xplor app to scan the QR code at our centre.

Option 2:
You can use your cellphone number (used during registration) and 4-digit pin you created on our centre’s tablet.


If someone else is dropping off or picking up your child, you will need to add them to your account as a “Hub Guest”. Please follow the instructions here.

KidsCo understands that we can’t predict what happens in life, that’s why we don’t charge fees for late bookings, or cancellations.


Cancellation policy:
All cancellations notified to KidsCo 24 hours before the booked program start time are free of charge and your booking will be cancelled. Cancellations must be notified to the KidsCo team by one of the following methods:
  1. Through the Xplor Home App by requesting an “absence” on your child/ren’s booking
  2. By emailing
  3. By notifying the Director of Learning in person
Any cancellation requests received within 24 hours of the booked program start time will be marked as an absence.
Absence policy:
Your child will be marked absent if they do not attend their booked program and/or if you cancel a booking within 24 hours of the booked program start time. Absences will be charged and paid for in full. If you qualify for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), you will be charged the gap fee if your child is absent from their booked program.
Under the Child Care Subsidy, each child is granted 42 absences per financial year that are subsidised by a family’s regular CCS coverage. After those 42 absence days have been used-up, all absences afterwards are charged at full price. Please be aware that all absences from previous childcare centres are also considered.
Centrelink will not apply CCS to any absences where you have made bookings to reserve a space for your child(ren) who have not yet attended the service.
Late Fees
Families who do not collect their child after the Service’s close time will be charged a late fee of $1
per child per minute past closing time. This fee covers the cost of employing the staff required to
supervise a child outside operating hours. Child Care Subsidy will not be applied to late fees. It may
be waived at the discretion of the Nominated Supervisor.


* You can book a session through the Xplor Home app up to 2 hours before the session starts. Otherwise, you will need to call 1300 976 304 to make a last minute booking. We cannot guarantee availability.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

1. Follow this link to guide you through making a claim for childcare

2. Important information is required to assist with making your claim:

  • MyGov and Centrelink online account or access to speak over the phone or in person
    at a Centrelink office
  • Claimant and child CRN (customer reference number)
  • Family income and activity details
  • Supporting personal documents


3. Once you have received your childcare subsidy assessment letter from
Centrelink, you will need to:

  • Provide us with your and your child’s CRN details so we’re able to make a connection to Centrelink to ensure you can receive CCS payments. It is important that we receive both CRN’s as a connection can’t be made using only one.
  • Once a connection to Centrelink is made, you will need to approve KidsCo as the provider so the subsidy flows through. You may also contact Centrelink for assistance with confirming details and enrolment.

There are three things that will determine your level of subsidy:

  1. Your family income (combined or individual depending on your family status)
  2. The activity level of your family. Your activity level is the ‘recognised activities’ that enables a family to claim a subsidy (e.g. work, study or training) up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight based on the parent with the least number of hours.
  3. The type of childcare your child will be attending. KidsCo is classified as Outside School Hours Care. For more details, and to obtain an estimate of what your Child Care Subsidy could be, visit the Child Care Subsidy website or contact the Family Assistance Office on 136150

Families are entitled to 42 absence days per child, per financial year. You may also be entitled to additional absence days in certain circumstances (e.g. illness of a child, a parent or sibling). In shared care arrangements, the allocation of 42 absences per financial year relates to the child, not each individual claimant.

It is a good idea to start your claim process as soon as you are considering starting your child in childcare. Claims can take over 28 days to process so the sooner you make the claim, the more likely the claim will be approved by the time your child starts in care. The claim needs to be made through Centrelink.

The Department of Education has provided extensive Frequently Asked Questions on their website. For in-depth details on the Child Care Subsidy visit their website or contact the Department directly on 1300 566 046.

The details of my child’s enrolment are incorrect, e.g. the days enrolled do not match/ there is an extra casual day recorded or not recorded/ the day rate is incorrect.

Prior to disputing the details in myGov, please contact us on 1300 112 583 so we can discuss any issues with your child’s enrolment and if so, what steps need to be taken to correct them.


There are no enrolment details in myGov.

Please check that you have given KidsCo Kids the correct CRN numbers for both the claimant and your child and that you have completed your myGov assessment, so you are registered to receive the CCS. Whoever made the claim for childcare subsidy is considered the claimant even though in some cases the claim is based on a combined family situation.


My CCS connection has ended.

This may be due to taking extended leave (more than twelve weeks or 6 weeks if you are outside the country). All CCS payments will be automatically be ceased by Centrelink if a child has not attended care for more than twelve weeks. A new connection will need to be made upon return to the centre.

Our team

KidsCo aims to deliver 1:10 teacher to child ratios across all states.

Service and program information

Our menus are adapted to cater for children’s specific dietary and cultural requirements and needs. Our menus are available on display at the program. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to let our team know.

Yes. Please call 1300 976 304, who will find out the availability within another service.

Please keep your child at home if your child is presenting with any illness. If a child arrives at our service and appears unwell, the teachers will make sure the child is kept comfortable and will contact you to collect your child as early as possible.


Billing is conducted automatically every fortnight on a Thursday, for prior fortnight in arrears. To complete your enrolment with KidsCo you will be required to set up a direct debit account with our debiting provider DebitSuccess.

You can elect to pay your fees by credit card or direct debit. You can change your billing details at any time by calling 1300 976 304 or alternatively you can log in to your account that you registered with.


DebitSuccess charges a one-off establishment fee of $2.20 when the first transaction is made.  DebitSuccess also charges 2.35% per transaction (Amex users have a 4.40% fee).

The daily fee depends on the service your child attends and the care type they are enrolled in.


Please visit the National Immunisation Program website which outlines the vaccinations and when they are due.

Overseas immunisation schedules may differ from the Australian schedule and
cannot be accepted.

  • If a child was immunised overseas, their immunisation record will need to be checked by a GP who will upload the information to the Australian Immunisation Register and provide an AIR Immunisation History Form aligning their immunisations to the current Australian schedule and what immunisations the child needs to catch up on.
  • Parents can then request an updated AIR Immunisation History Statement to reflect this and submit it to KidsCo.
    NOTE: A doctor’s letter is not acceptable – only an AIR Immunisation History Form or a catch-up schedule will be accepted.

The following documents will be accepted by KidsCo to show your child’s
immunisation status:

  • AIR Immunisation History Statement – those that are fully immunised for their
  • AIR Immunisation Medical Exemption Form – those that have a medical
    reason not to be vaccinated, or
  • AIR Immunisation History Form – those that are on a recognised catch-up

No other documents will be accepted, and the enrolment cannot be confirmed without one of these.